I help people with products by equipping them with what they need to approach retailers and get into retail stores.

Do you have a product but are unsure how to get it into retail and boutiques?

Andrew Panetta is a Melbourne-based product commercialisation consultancy that helps people turn their products into commercially viable products through great design and a path to retailers and boutiques—equipping you with everything you need to get into retail.

If you want to get your product into retail quickly and profitably, book a free 45-minute call using the box below.

What Andrew will cover when you talk to him:

  • How to position and sell the value of your product to retailers.
  • Branding and packaging audit: Know if your branding and packaging design is what will work for the market and retail. If you have a new product, discuss the direction of branding and positioning.
  • How to build a solid competitive market advantage: Going over who your ideal customer is and what your competitive advantage should be to promote more aggressively.
  • Commercialisation consultation for retail store opportunities. What marketing channel would be best for you to explore? Who would the decision-makers be to get your product in front of? How would you start conversations with them?
  • What working together looks like and the timeline to get up and running.

If you’re interested in getting your product to stand out in the market swiftly and profitably, click the button below to get in touch with Andrew.

Case Study 1:

3228 Blinds

"From 300k a year to 2M a year"

3228 Blinds came to Andrew Panetta for help. They were drowning in their market and had no product exposure or presence in the market. They needed their image to match their upmarket audience and increase product sales and exposure.

Their biggest issue was they were struggling to get into the right market and needed materials and strategies to get their products out there.

With Andrew Panetta's help, 3228 Blinds were branded and targeted to the right market. They were equipped with marketing material and a website that brought growth and exposure to their business.

Through Andrew Panetta's services, he could take 3228 Blinds from 300k a year to 2M a year.

Case Study 2:

Great Tapes Product Launch

Raelene, the Director of Great Tapes, came to Andrew Panetta with her product, a paperback decorative crafting tape. The Tape is used for niche crafting projects, most commonly for scrap-booking & apparatus decorating (hula hoops, rhythmic gymnastics, callisthenics etc).

Raelene needed someone to set up her business/products, giving them the identity and presence they needed to enter retail. Raelen was already running her own business and had no time to manage the process. This is where Andrew Panetta took over and brought her business and products to life, equipping and setting her up with everything she needed to get into retail.

Andrew Panetta gave Raelene's Business/products the correct identity for the right target market, ready to sell and get into retail. The whole process, from Branding/Logo, Packaging design, Print management offshore, Product photography and a product showcase, along with a strategy to get into retail, was produced and managed by Andrew Panetta.

Raelene is currently implementing the strategy to get into retail. Full video review coming soon.

Case Study 3:

Momentos En Tango

What Momentos En Tango says about working with Andrew Panetta

Donna came to Andrew Panetta with the idea of Tango Perfume & Cologne. An all-natural perfume and cologne made with essential oils.

Her biggest issue was she worked full-time and didn't have spare time to manage the process and get the business started. She was also trying to find someone with the right skills to bring the product to life through branding and packaging design. Staying true to the idea of Tango without making it look cliché.

With Andrew Panetta's help, Donna's Business and products were branded the right way through the whole process, from Packaging design and advertising material to the e-commerce website. Setting up her business, ready to sell and get into the market with a clear look that spoke straight to her target market.

Through my services, I was able to take Donna's issues away and give her business and product the identity they need to sell and get into retail.

More about Andrew Panetta

Andrew Panetta is a Graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia who has been helping product-based businesses for over 16 years.

Over the past 16 years, Andrew has worked in the wholesale industry as a Graphic designer producing design work for new products. Some of the skills but not limited to are Branding, Advertising material, Package design, Web design, Exhibition design & Marketing Strategies. Through Andrew’s Design skills he has helped businesses sell products and get the exposure they need to expand and grow in their market.

What Andrew has noticed over time while talking and working with people and earlier clients is they are looking for a solution to market & brand their products better while having a strategy to get into retail. With Andrews's knowledge and understanding of Branding identity, packaging design & marketing strategies, he has been able to help his clients achieve this goal.


"I have been working with Andrew Panetta since early 2019.

Andrew is one of those genuine nice guys! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

him if only for that!

When it comes to his business, Andrew Panetta; your goals become his goals.

He offers his ideas and his style that create a much bigger and better outcome

for you. I love all the work he has done for me.

Without hesitation, I recommend Andrew to anyone who is starting out –

including ideas for your Branding, and for those seeking a reliable, creative

designer, he is amazing!

If you would like to verify this review, please do not hesitate to contact me via

my website." louiselkallaway.com

Louise L Kallaway

CEO and Author

"Thank you to Panetta Designs for the fabulous Branding for my new business. The only issue was that Andrew came up with so many wonderful designs he made my decision so hard haha. Communication was great also. I would definitely recommend Andrew Panetta if in need of branding for products. Highly Recommend."

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